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Where fierce femme urban guerrillas hate sexist, capitalist male scum, but still love to turn men into sex dolls to be used by women: Young.Gifted. Broken – Male, is a new section in our members’ website, where men are objectified and filmed like the wank meat they are. Those who appreciate the male beast, but still want him under the femme boots, will love he UC-SC catalogue of broken, surrendered, hot young men in chains.

Our glorious leader Ms Tytania is no strange to the infamous casting coach: she goes to great length to test impressionable young men, so her female, genderqueer and bi male fans, can enjoy a bouquet of hot talent to reeducate into Female Supremacy, feminist porn and non-conformist Femdom. Yes, we’re Femdom, but not exclusively for the edification of the predictable porn-loving male.


WOMEN! Join our UC-SC members’ site re-educational propaganda bureau & feast your cruel eyes on our merciless methods of Misandrist Reeducation of the male.


04 2018