Urban Chicks Ms Tytania AND Ms Slide, Patriarchal Honeytraps 01

78_Patriarchal_Honeytap_End 6

In this longer feature, Ms Tytania and Ms Slide will entrap an unsupecting, smug, entitled City boy. Expecting to find his meek secretary, Susan (in reality, hard edge Femdom militantMs Slide infiltrated in that last bastion of white male privilege – the City office), up to some sexy fun with the boss outside office hours. . . he will instead be confronted by two fully armed, gunned, knife wielding urban chicks, who will proceed to show him how little they think of his pointless, small-dicked macho swagger. . . With no means to escape, this City boy scum will be taught not to harass his female employees ever again. But this is jsut the beginning in a longer series of hard femdom clips. . . Occupy the Smug City boy’s Arse!

M4V VIDEO – 12′ 33″





03 2018