UC-SC Storm the Banks! Occupy the City!

Our Femdom Femme guerilla assault the City citadels and infiltrate the office! Female supremacist Direct Action to bring those privileged City boys to their knees, with guns, ripped stockings, and steel-toed, bovver boots!

Surrender, grovel and cower, insignifican male scum! Worship the Urban Chick’s boots and feet and accept the Revolution!

The UC-SC Agitprop Film Bureau have remastered and reedited this classic of Urban Femdom Direct Action. It’s war against the corporate pig boss! A four part, detailed multimedia report will be available for cultural re-education of male specimens. Four Hard Femdom, direct action movies to bring the City on its creaking, knobbly, rotten knees!

Join our Direct-Action members’ page and surrender to the Femdom Revolution now!

Storm the office!


Watch a short clip:

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04 2018