Regulation Head Shave 2

The Urban Chicks despise the cult of long, silky, tousled long hair associated with complaint femininity. Urban Chick Tytania shaves the back of her head down to a no. 1 with electric clippers, ready for battle in the streets of London!

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05 2016


In this series of four videos, you will get a glimpse of our Femdom Militants’ strategy known as The Patriarchal Honeytrap: males entrapped by their habitual willingness to wade through a mile of vomit, blind, if there is the faintest promise of pussy on the other side.


You have heard of Ms Tytania and Ms Slide, famous London Mistresses by day. . . And like so many women in London, they have to make ends meet in our spialling city, by taking a job as a secretary to a sexist, harassing boss.

Ms Slide: Secretary harassed by her boss

It all starts rather predictably for Urban Chick Slide, taking up a temping job that lands her in a hotel room with her boss, during a weekend conference, and getting pestered for extra hours that include not just excelling at Excel, but excelling also at pleasing the despicable male member. . . but she’s having none of that!

From Harassed Secretary to Urban Chick: Rip your expensive nylons!

Fro a start, she will change from meek secretary into fierce Urban Chick combat gear: ripping ehr expensive fully seamed stockings and wearing leather hotpants and a revolutionary top. No more mousy Miss Moneypenny! She is now ready to take over the patriarchy, one City Boy at a time. . . unbeknown to him, her Boss waits in the lounge, expecting a kitten eager to please. . .

Ms Tytania & Ms Slide, Patriarchal Honeytraps


But Urban Chick and UC-SC Militant Ms Slide’s got plans for her money greedy, cock-obsessed City boy of a boss: sick of his sexist taunts, she summons the help of her fellow Urban Chick Ms Tytania, setting a honeytrap for the male who, as we know, will wade through a mile of vomit to get some pussy.

Revolutionary Cock Sucking!



he will offer a salary rise. he will offer his patriarchal male money but to no avail to our fierce, committed Femdom Militants: forced to strip naked of his expensive Savile Row suit, the smug Boss will be forced to worship the female cock and the urban Chick’s fearsome tough combat boots.

Whose Arse? Our Arse!


He will be held hostage at gunpoint in his expensive hotel room by masked Hard Femdom Militants; they will make him him surrender by forcing him to lick the grime off their tough bovver boots and finally, they will peg him, fuck him and spit-roast him with their strapons, in a pegging focused example of the UC-SC’s enforced education of the male: the revolution will enter you, male scum, one woman dildo at a time, but TWO male holes at a time!

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05 2016

The Strapon is Mightier than the Gun!

Standing in front of a mirror in bleachers, braces and polo shirt, the Urban Chicks wraps a black t-shirt around her head to wear as an improvised balaclava. In her Hard Edge Femdom imagination, where genders blur their boundaries, she fantasizes about strutting her stuff stroking a large cock that protrudes threatiningly from her tight jeans. The hyper-feminine Mistress gives way to the androgynous, gun-toting Urban Chick.

Mp4 Video, 7′ 09″

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05 2016


Dial F For Femdom 3

The UC-SC’s Bureau of Cultural Reeducation into Femdom will be releasing new, audiovisual agitprop every Friday. You will find it exclusively in our members’ area. We have more new clips in store, so check this page regularly for more May updates.

Ripped Fishnets Transformation

Released on May 6th

M4V VIDEO – 2′ 22′

Librarian by day. . . but she is an undercover UC-SC Urban Chick Agent. She has no time for ladylike silk nylons or fancy, oppresive lingerie. So she will rip her fishnets at knifepoint, to reveal a harder side of Femdom. Our feral femmes are no soft boudoir princesses!


Dworkin’s The Power To Terrorise Indoctrination

Released on May 6th

M4V VIDEO 5′ 42″

Smug intellectual male vermin gets indoctrinated into Dworkin: repeatedly slapped and spat on, he will learn The Power To tErrorise, from Dworkin’s Pornography: the male has the power to terrorise and his hidden terror weapon is THE PENIS. Indoctrination over a nice cuppa that will end up on your smug male face, you man vermin.


Hypnokink POV: Surrender to The Ulrike Technique!

Released on May 13th


Look into my eyes. . . my male-scum hating, focused feral femme eyes, and let your brain melt into total, brainwashed surrender. . . 



Released on May 20th

M4V VIDEO – 7′ 25″

A fierce, feral Urban Chick despises the patriarchal image of femininity with their long, tousled hair that caresses the male ego. Our Femdom agents shave their own heads with an electric razor, in defiance to oppressive fashions.


Two Communiques from The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell (UC-SC)

Released on May 27th


Women! dial F for Femdom and join the UC-SC, bringer of the Revolutionary Dildocratic Order! The Revolution will enter all males from behind!

M4V VIDEO 2′ 14″


“Welcome to the Dildocratic Order. We will hunt you in the cities! We will hunt you in the streets! We will hunt you, and make you surrender to the female cock – one arsehole at a time!”

M4V VIDEO 7′ 0″


 Join today and start your cultural reeducation into hard Edge Femdom!



04 2016

Transformation – From Librarian To Urban Chick 01

Librarian Striptease Transofrmation 2

M4V VIDEO 3′ 24″

Librarian by day. . . but now, she will reveal her true identity as fierce member of the Urban Chick Supremacy Cell. Meanwhile, the male student she caught peeping under her skirt has been tied up and blindfolded, and will be culturally educated into Femdom. The Library becomes a Terror Cell for the UC-SC.




04 2016