The UC-SC Street Action Commando was put in the streets of East London last night. In broad daylight, our fearless agent Tytania chased a male vermin who had been previously contacted by the Cell, to demand that he pays his Femdom Tax. After summoning him at an agreed time and place, he was chased cat & mouse style, unsure of who, where or when, our UC-SC Femme would strike. Oblivious to him, she rocked up on a longboard, padded and in a helmet, and smoothly approached her target, demanded the Femdom Tax, and glided away on her longboard. We are an expert urban guerrilla! Her male victim was left speechless, moneyless, and with the need for a stiff drink at the nearest watering hole!

But just a handful of grubby money earned with his male privilege isn’t enough to save his tight, narrow, patriarchal arse. He will still be abducted and taken to the Cell for Enforced Cultural Reeducation into Femdom very soon. Keep updated and remember: it could be you next time, male scum! The UC-SC wants to her about your need for atonement! 

Want to feel the fear and adrenaline of having the Urban Chicks chasing your for your lunch money? Love the idea of having fearless women playing cat and mouse with you in the open streets? You can pay your Femdom Tax in this way, too: all males will surrender to our femdom extortion! Contact the UC-SC Femdom Tax Bureau, and submit your arse and your greasy, patriarchal wages, to us. Contact us: YOU WILL OBEY! 



06 2018

UC-SC Storm the Banks! Occupy the City!

Our Femdom Femme guerilla assault the City citadels and infiltrate the office! Female supremacist Direct Action to bring those privileged City boys to their knees, with guns, ripped stockings, and steel-toed, bovver boots!

Surrender, grovel and cower, insignifican male scum! Worship the Urban Chick’s boots and feet and accept the Revolution!

The UC-SC Agitprop Film Bureau have remastered and reedited this classic of Urban Femdom Direct Action. It’s war against the corporate pig boss! A four part, detailed multimedia report will be available for cultural re-education of male specimens. Four Hard Femdom, direct action movies to bring the City on its creaking, knobbly, rotten knees!

Join our Direct-Action members’ page and surrender to the Femdom Revolution now!

Storm the office!


Watch a short clip:

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04 2018

Revolutionary Sodomy: Anal Occupation Exercise

Rinsed off his male arrogance, naked and helpless in the UC-SC cellar HQ, a male hostage will be subject to The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell’s Compulsory submission to the Dildocratic order. Male scum respond particuarly well to behavioural correction with the aid of the all pwerful female cock.

In these 2 films, the Revolution enters a tight male arse with some effort, but eventual surrender is complete. Later on, the Strapon will grow in size for an intermediate lesson in Female Power.

PART 01 – BEHAVIOURAL CORRECTION WITH FEMME COCK – a smaller, dainty, pink dildo for the anally challenged male scum.

PART 02 – BEHAVIOURAL CORRECTION WITH LARGER FEMME COCK (and a tight arsed male scum, incapable of taking the larger dildo).

Join our members’ website or buy clips individually in our Clips4Sale Store and start your cultural reeducation into Femdom today!


03 2018


After a spell underground, The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell is back, angrier and fiercer than ever. So what best way to kickstart it, than by dragging a piece of male scum into the Cell and rinse his misguided sense of masculine power and pride with a golden shower, aka Liquid Assimilation Therapy of male reeducation?

In this new series of 5 educational videos, our Femme Commandos broadcast from the UC-SC’s provisional HQ: down in a dank cellar, somewhere in East London, a captured male is going to be subjected to ENFORCED DEMASCULINIZATION.




Two practical demonstrations of this successful Therapy to correct sexism: with the aid of She-Wee, an essential tool for the emasculation of the male, Agent Tytania soaks his naked body in an action of humiliation, gbut deeply effective practical misandry. 

2 brand new movies to instill the fear and awe of HARD EDGE FEMDOM into all lowly males’ heart, and to inspire women everywhere to seize the means of seduction! 

Join our members’ website or buy clips individually in our Clips4Sale Store and start your cultural reeducation into Femdom today!


03 2018


UT - Shoe worhip 01

New video on Friday, June 17th.

The Ulrike Technike invads the deepest recession of the male brain. this hypnotised and brainwashed male specimen will be mindfucked into liking Urban Chick Tytania’s stomping square heeled, rubber-soled regulation shoes.


M4V VIDEO 8′ 15″



06 2016

The Revolution Will Enter You Now! Anal Hook 01