Surender c&B to revolution

The UC-SC’s Bureau of Cultural Reeducation into Femdom releases new, audiovisual agitprop every Friday. 

Student Scum Caught Peeping Under Librarian’s Skirt!

M4V VIDEO 7′ 0′

Librarian by day. . . but she is an undercover Urban Chick, catching horny students redhanded, peeping upskirt at her fully seamed nylons, severe, ball-crushing black heels and tight pencil skirt. Academia is not free from leering, objectifying vermin, as this male scum POV video proves. . .

Released on April 1st

Indoctrinated Into Dworkin . . . At Knifepoint!

M4 V VIDEO 9′ 10″

“The male’s sense of Self is in his penis!”, wrote Andrea Dworkin, mother of angry radical feminism. Tied up in inescapable bondage and threatened at knifepoint, this male scum, hostage in the cell, will learn his doctrine.

Released on April 8th


M4V VIDEO 7′ 52″

LOOK INTO THE SPIRAL! You will BEG to be taken hostage. You will BEG to be culturally reeducated by the urban Chicks. Look into the spiral now, and believe that Hard Edge Femdom is the only way to crush the male and destroy the patriarchy. Surrender your balls to the Femdom Revolution!

Released on Friday, April 15th 2016

Transformation – From Librarian To Urban Chick 01

M4V VIDEO 3′ 24″

Librarian by day. . . but now, she will reveal her true identity as fierce member of the Urban Chick Supremacy Cell. Meanwhile, the male student she caught peeping under her skirt has been tied up and blindfolded, and will be culturally educated into Femdom. The Library becomes a Terror Cell for the UC-SC.

Released on Friday, April 15th


M4V VIDEO 7′ 02″

Tied up, blindfolded and gagged, a male scum student will learn what it is like to be delivered into the hands of a fierce female supremacist and active UC-SC agent. The academic library is not safe from The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell’s vigilantes. . .

Released on Friday, April 22nd


M4V VIDEO 2′ 22″

After revealing herself as a member of the Urban Chick Supremacy cell, our anti patriarchal activist strips off her librarian clothes and puts on her Urban Femdom combat gear. . . While her male scum student, tied up and blindfolded, awaits his fate in the library turned Terror Cell.

Released on Friday, April 29th

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04 2016

The Ulrike Technique Hypnobrainwash – Obey All Women!

UT-HypnoB_Obeyallwomen 06

M4V VIDEO 4′ 20″

Tied up with gaffa tape to a chair, deep in the bowels of a derelict building, a male specimen is subjected to The Ulrike Technique: hypnobrainwash to wipe his entitled male mind clean and re-boot it, ready to obey all females, to submit to all women, to be willing to be crushed by all women. . . forever. A hypnotic spiral and the stern, persuasive voice of Tytania, Urban Chick working as an agent for Hard Edge Femdom. . .





03 2016

Hooded Urban Chicks: Anal Hook re-Education

A gritty insight into the UCSC’s militant methodology. Booted, hooded, masked and anonymous, two Urban chicks will use a captured male hostage as a punchbag and training specimen. Tied up in inescapable  rope bondage, stripped naked and fitted with a deep-probing anal hook, he will have no choice but to surrender to the revolutionary hard edge of Femdom. [preview gallery here] 17 photos.

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03 2016

Enforced brainwash and indoctrination at knifepoint!

Femdom UC-SC Dworkin 0222

M4V VIDEO – 9′ 08″

“All Heterosexual Sex is Rape?” Not for our feral femmes!

“She says no; he claims she means yes. He (the male) names her (woman) ignorant, then forbids her education. he does not allow ehr to use her mind or body rigurously, then names her emotional.”

“He is biologically ordained to terrorixe women and other creatures into submission and comformity.” – Andrea Dworkin, Pornography.

Cultural reeducation into Andrea Dworkin’s inspirational writing: from her book Pornography.

Another porn-obsessed male scum is caught red handed and dragged to the Cell. there, he will be firmly tied up and subjected to enforced cultural reeducation into female supremacy and the futility of the male cock. . . at knife point!


03 2016

The Ulrike Technique

Now, breath deep, relax and look into the spiral, you feeble-brained male scum. . .

This is a preview of this week’s fothcoming re-educational material available on the members’ website:

The Ulrike Technique

. . . an uncompromising practical exercise in revolutionary brainwash and enforced indoctrination. See our male specimen restrained, tied up, isolated with aural propaganda and the UC-SC’s Ulrike Technique Brainwashing Spiral, he has no choice but to succumb to the power of our fiercely trained Female Supremacist agents!

Click on this link for some examples of The Ulrike Technique instructional videos.

Brainwash is Sex!
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04 2015

KINKNAPPING! The Femdom Bloc are watching you, male scum!

and our mission is to wipe those City boys off the streets of London. You could be next in our list, male scum!

You don’t belive us? Here is what we did to a piece of male vermin, captured and dragged off the streets of London, and taken in the UC-SC Cell, for torment and surrender into Female Supremacy:

Part 01: Kinknapped in the Streets of London!
M4V VIDEO – 18′


Part 02: Kinknapped and dragged into the Cell!


M4V VIDEO  – 9′

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“Male scum,

We are The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell, a woman guerilla against patriarchy.
You have been singled out by our Bureau of Cultural Reeducation as aMale specimen in dire need of cleansing.

We have been monitoring your lifestyle and your every move and noticed that you are a classic, yet relentless case of sexist,entitled, empowered, cock-centred, patriarchal scum.The UC-SC is on a terror war against male smugness as exemplified by you. You will be changed by force by our urban guerillas.

You are also a worthless piece of male scum who values the material and worships money. For this reason, the UC-SC demand that you pay your Revolutionary Femdom Tax, to aid the cause of Female Supremacy.
You can’t hide. Our feral guerilla will hunt you in the streets of London and demand our Revolutionary Tax. We may also want your balls.
Even after your pecuniary contribution to our Cause, that won’t free you from our enforced cultural reeducation into Female Supremacy. This will be carried out in the depths our secret underground cell.

We will summon you with threats and subject you to unstoppable interrogation, indoctrination and abuse. Until you Obey Female Rule.

We will crush your masculinity.


You will pay £XXXXX into the bank account provided below, by a given date.
We will then send you further instructions for a rendezvous with our female agent in central London, where you will hand her a further£XXXX. We will film the proceedings. Don’t try to escape, we will hunt you down.
Once the Revolutionary Femdom Tax is paid, you will then follow us into the UC-SC underground cell, for immediate start to your enforced reeducation. Failing to comply will result on further extortion being extracted for you.

But there will be no need for this, our Feral Femdom militants know how to find a smug male like you. We monitor all your movements
Your enforced cultural reeducation to total obedience of the Female will be carried out by 2 of our most senior militants.
you won’t leave until we are satisfied that all male privilege and smugness has been extracted from your puny male brain.

Contact us back only when payment of the first half of our Revolutionary Tax has been paid. Further instructions and directions will be forwarded then, to facilitate payment of second half of the RFT and your immediate start to reeducation.
Do it now, male scum, or your balls will pay for it.
Pay your Revolutionary Femdom Tax to: xxx x x xx xx xxx x


The UC-SC’s Bureau for Cultural Reeducation of the Male”


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03 2015