Chelsea Cut – Revolutionary Head Shaving

Ms Tytania, the UC-SC founder and High Hard Edge Femdom, gets a chelsea cut with electric razor, by Femdom femme and latest UC-SC recruit, Ashlee Flux.

Uc-sc_hairfetish_Ashlee_Ms-Tytania 14


04 2018


Regulation Head Shave 2

The Urban Chicks despise the cult of long, silky, tousled long hair associated with complaint femininity. Urban Chick Tytania shaves the back of her head down to a no. 1 with electric clippers, ready for battle in the streets of London!

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05 2016

Librarian By Day. . . Fierce Urban Chick At Night!

Revolutionary Chelsea Cut And Head Shaving

“It feels amazing”, coos our feral femme militant, while stroking her freshly shaved head. No more tousled curls to please the patriarchy! A severe chelsea cut and number 1 will make the male scum succumb to Hard Edge Femdom.

Hear the electric clipper’s buzz! YOU WILL OBEY!Uc-sc_hairfetish_Ashlee_Ms-Tytania 4

M4V VIDEO – 06′ 07″




09 2015

Urban Chick Wrapping fists for Femdom Punching