The UC-SC Street Action Commando was put in the streets of East London last night. In broad daylight, our fearless agent Tytania chased a male vermin who had been previously contacted by the Cell, to demand that he pays his Femdom Tax. After summoning him at an agreed time and place, he was chased cat & mouse style, unsure of who, where or when, our UC-SC Femme would strike. Oblivious to him, she rocked up on a longboard, padded and in a helmet, and smoothly approached her target, demanded the Femdom Tax, and glided away on her longboard. We are an expert urban guerrilla! Her male victim was left speechless, moneyless, and with the need for a stiff drink at the nearest watering hole!

But just a handful of grubby money earned with his male privilege isn’t enough to save his tight, narrow, patriarchal arse. He will still be abducted and taken to the Cell for Enforced Cultural Reeducation into Femdom very soon. Keep updated and remember: it could be you next time, male scum! The UC-SC wants to her about your need for atonement! 

Want to feel the fear and adrenaline of having the Urban Chicks chasing your for your lunch money? Love the idea of having fearless women playing cat and mouse with you in the open streets? You can pay your Femdom Tax in this way, too: all males will surrender to our femdom extortion! Contact the UC-SC Femdom Tax Bureau, and submit your arse and your greasy, patriarchal wages, to us. Contact us: YOU WILL OBEY! 



06 2018