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“Emily stood on the balcony and rolled another joint as she watched the sun come up over Zone 6. In the warm glow of dawn’s early light the sand-coloured bricks of the council estate looked almost beautiful.

It was her third joint but she had still not come down. In the flat’s main bedroom Dörte and Jazz were already sleeping happily in each other’s arms, like a tableau of Sapphic bliss. It’s not surprising that I’m still so wired, she thought. It was my first Action; Dörte and Jazz have done it loads of times now. It had been more of a thrill than anything else she could remember. That was why her heart was still pounding in her chest.”

Three anarcho-feminist punks kidnap a young man from a pub in fashionable East London and take him to a squalid warehouse, where they beat and sexually humiliate him as part of a revolutionary performance art project. A Salome Verdad microbook.

THE AKTION is a work of fan fiction written by fellow propagandist Salome Verdad. You can buy it now on Amazon and delve deeper into the UC-SC’s Dildocratic Order – where the male sex is hunted down by The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell, an all female Femdom terror cell dedicated to crush the male, destroy the patriarchal state and replace with something sexier!


05 2016