Urban Femdom Warfare Apparel – Dirty Feet, Knee Socks, Tough Boots

May 2018 updates in our members’ area and Clips Store.

Stay tuned as the UC-SC Cultural Reeducation Bureau releases these new movies throughout the month.


More Revolutionary Baptism, for an educational, male pov purpose. In this Agitprop Femdom movie, Agent Tytania uses a Shee-wee from her vast arsenal of female cock and dildos, to demonstrate Liquid Assimilation: the UC-SC’s technique that uses watersports and golden showers fetish to sprinkle, shower and drench the filthy male animal and cleanse him of his crimes of misoginy. From a male sub pov, Tytania bravely floods the screen with her revolutionary woman fluids, instructing all males to drink the liquid wisdom of Female Supremacy, straight from the source.



This month, the UC-SC Cultural Reeducation Bureau will unveil a series of male scum pov films, where they can start their induction into Femdom with what look like innocent female worship and fetish videos. But behind this appearance of femdom cliches, Hard Edge Female Supremacy sticks its tough boot in with voyeuristic exercises. . .


. . . where Urban Chick Tytania tempts the cock with her dainty, shapely, but mud-covered bare feet; LICK THOSE FEET CLEAN, MALE VERMIN! Every toe, every inch. Worship under her feet!


Later on, Agent Tytania will put on her regulation sports knee socks, rolling softly over her well turned ankle and calves. Forget about soft fully semaed nylons, sheer nylons and other forms of hosiery for the idle Domina! The UC-SC’s superior feral femmes wear football socks to prtect their delicate feet while kicking and crushing male cocks and balls.


From a lowly, prostrated, crushed male angle pov, she proceeds to lace up her 24 eyelet Doc Martens boots. Knee high, in shiny, creaking black leather and with a tough block heel, these boots are the UC-SC Regulation footwear to crush and grind cock and balls, chest trampling and male mauling and surrender.


The final femdom movie, gives all male hostages the opportunity to indulge in boot fetish and worship, with the boots soles titillatingly hovering over their faces, grime and dirt included. Imagine those boots on your face! Imagine the taste! Listen to her instructions to worship these tough shiny boots properly and surrender to All Female Rule. YOU WILL OBEY!



05 2018


In this series of four videos, you will get a glimpse of our Femdom Militants’ strategy known as The Patriarchal Honeytrap: males entrapped by their habitual willingness to wade through a mile of vomit, blind, if there is the faintest promise of pussy on the other side.


You have heard of Ms Tytania and Ms Slide, famous London Mistresses by day. . . And like so many women in London, they have to make ends meet in our spialling city, by taking a job as a secretary to a sexist, harassing boss.

Ms Slide: Secretary harassed by her boss

It all starts rather predictably for Urban Chick Slide, taking up a temping job that lands her in a hotel room with her boss, during a weekend conference, and getting pestered for extra hours that include not just excelling at Excel, but excelling also at pleasing the despicable male member. . . but she’s having none of that!

From Harassed Secretary to Urban Chick: Rip your expensive nylons!

Fro a start, she will change from meek secretary into fierce Urban Chick combat gear: ripping ehr expensive fully seamed stockings and wearing leather hotpants and a revolutionary top. No more mousy Miss Moneypenny! She is now ready to take over the patriarchy, one City Boy at a time. . . unbeknown to him, her Boss waits in the lounge, expecting a kitten eager to please. . .

Ms Tytania & Ms Slide, Patriarchal Honeytraps


But Urban Chick and UC-SC Militant Ms Slide’s got plans for her money greedy, cock-obsessed City boy of a boss: sick of his sexist taunts, she summons the help of her fellow Urban Chick Ms Tytania, setting a honeytrap for the male who, as we know, will wade through a mile of vomit to get some pussy.

Revolutionary Cock Sucking!



he will offer a salary rise. he will offer his patriarchal male money but to no avail to our fierce, committed Femdom Militants: forced to strip naked of his expensive Savile Row suit, the smug Boss will be forced to worship the female cock and the urban Chick’s fearsome tough combat boots.

Whose Arse? Our Arse!


He will be held hostage at gunpoint in his expensive hotel room by masked Hard Femdom Militants; they will make him him surrender by forcing him to lick the grime off their tough bovver boots and finally, they will peg him, fuck him and spit-roast him with their strapons, in a pegging focused example of the UC-SC’s enforced education of the male: the revolution will enter you, male scum, one woman dildo at a time, but TWO male holes at a time!

These series, and much more Revolutionary Agitprop Femdom Videos, can e found in our Agitprop website and on our Clips4Sale Studio:






05 2016

POV Trampled Under Her Tough Shoes

UT - Under the boot 05

“POV – Trampled Under Her Tough Shoes” is one of the new video updates coming in May 2016.


03 2016

Enforced brainwash and indoctrination at knifepoint!

Femdom UC-SC Dworkin 0222

M4V VIDEO – 9′ 08″

“All Heterosexual Sex is Rape?” Not for our feral femmes!

“She says no; he claims she means yes. He (the male) names her (woman) ignorant, then forbids her education. he does not allow ehr to use her mind or body rigurously, then names her emotional.”

“He is biologically ordained to terrorixe women and other creatures into submission and comformity.” – Andrea Dworkin, Pornography.

Cultural reeducation into Andrea Dworkin’s inspirational writing: from her book Pornography.

Another porn-obsessed male scum is caught red handed and dragged to the Cell. there, he will be firmly tied up and subjected to enforced cultural reeducation into female supremacy and the futility of the male cock. . . at knife point!


03 2016

POV Boot Worship and Hogtie 02

POV_Boot_Worship_02 4

M4V Video – 4′ 20″




09 2015

POV Enforced Boot Licking And Ball Crushing 01

POV_Boot_Crushing 1

Because come the Femdom Revolution, the male scum will be polishing millions of pairs of tough boots belonging to our femdom femme guerillas. Grind and moan, your male cock and balls crushed under those dainty feet, encased in tough boots!

m4v video – 5′ 21″




09 2015