Revolutionary Sodomy: Anal Occupation Exercise

Rinsed off his male arrogance, naked and helpless in the UC-SC cellar HQ, a male hostage will be subject to The Urban Chick Supremacy Cell’s Compulsory submission to the Dildocratic order. Male scum respond particuarly well to behavioural correction with the aid of the all pwerful female cock.

In these 2 films, the Revolution enters a tight male arse with some effort, but eventual surrender is complete. Later on, the Strapon will grow in size for an intermediate lesson in Female Power.

PART 01 – BEHAVIOURAL CORRECTION WITH FEMME COCK – a smaller, dainty, pink dildo for the anally challenged male scum.

PART 02 – BEHAVIOURAL CORRECTION WITH LARGER FEMME COCK (and a tight arsed male scum, incapable of taking the larger dildo).

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03 2018

The Revolution Will Enter You Now! Anal Hook 01