Exhibit A (for Abattoir) – 01


This slave of the capitalist patriarchy surrendered his miserable meat worm to the UC-SC’s Cock Archive inspection. His dicklet is barely 5 inches long when hard. He adhered to the Shame of the Male Scheme and duly paid a GBP£24  Meat Dildo Tax for having entertained thoughts of masculine prowess and patriarchal pride in the past. Our Revolutionary Tax coffers grow as your tiny cocks shrink!

Tax paid: GBP 6 x 4 inches of shame: GBP 24 for the UC-SC revolutionary effort.

He says: “I have bought Mistresses in dark dungeons. I have bought their domination and my submission to them, with the wads of money I earn as a smug City boy. My Patriarchal assets can buy me kink and thrills. . . But all the money I earn in the City, won’t buy me a decent cock that a woman could look at without laughing at it incontrolably.”


06 2011